AgTech and WaterTech are being reshaped by technology


Being smart means doing more with less


SmartHectar is the first AgTech/WaterTech accelerator of its kind in Germany, which offers first class growth opportunities to innovative startups as well as interesting development and investment options to corporate partners. Our mission is to tackle global problems like water shortage and efficient food production for an expected world population of 9 billion people by 2050.


Especially startups are developing innovative technologies like robotics and drones, artificial intelligence, sensoring or predictive analytics, which are enabling the changes in AgTech and WaterTech today. It’s about things like yield monitoring, spray monitoring and using the generated data more efficiently and for a wider range of purposes. So we have to do more with less at the end of the day and the only way we can do that is with smart technology.

What we focus on

AgTech sector


Farm Management, Software, Sensing & IoT

Ag data capturing devices, decision support software, image recognition, AI, big data analytics, land management tech, financial services


Robotics, Mechanization & Equipment

On-farm machinery, automation, drone manufacturers, grow equipment


Novel Farming Systems

Indoor farms, aquaculture & aquaponic, insect, algae & microbe production (exclude consumer home grow kits)


Agribusiness Marketplaces

Commodities trading systems, online input procurement, equipment leasing and sharing used by farmers, farm to consumer online platforms

WaterTech sector


Waste & Grey Water

Infrastructure, cleaning, water and sludge treatment, membranes


Fresh Water

Supply & distribution, cleaning & filtering, management, desalination, water generation


Water Infrastructure

Piping, sensoring, AI & big data, management systems, irrigation


Water Safety & Usage

Water monitoring, measuring, metering, conservation & protection

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