Smart investments in early stage startups

Strategic partnerships are crucial to survive

The startup eco system is finally gaining momentum for early stage support. According to AgFunder, there has been a total investment of more than $700 million in WaterTech in 2016 and an investment of more than $1.1 billion in AgTech.

Therefore, corporate companies are playing an increasingly important role for startups. They have a wide area of expertise, long lasting client structures and established development processes. These factors can help a lot when it comes to market fit and growth. Corporate companies can also benefit from innovative ideas, fast development cycles and an innovation friendly culture that startups bring in.

We offer a lot of benefits for corporate companies who are taking part in our accelerator program:


  • Innovation impetus and insights into your industry
  • Trends through startup scouting and screening
  • Selection of early stage startups for the batches
  • Prototyping in moderated co-creation sessions
  • Evaluated investment targets
  • Pre-emptive investment options for shares of startups taking part
  • Strategic partnerships with promising startups
  • Participation at demo days in Silicon Valley and Berlin

What we are focus on

AgTech sector


Farm Management, Software, Sensing & IoT

Ag data capturing devices, decision support software, image recognition, AI, big data analytics, land management tech, financial services


Robotics, Mechanization & Equipment

On-farm machinery, automation, drone manufacturers, grow equipment


Novel Farming Systems

Indoor farms, aquaculture & aquaponic, insect, algae & microbe production (exclude consumer home grow kits)


Agribusiness Marketplaces

Commodities trading systems, online input procurement, equipment leasing and sharing used by farmers, farm to consumer online platforms

WaterTech sector


Waste & Grey Water

Infrastructure, cleaning, water and sludge treatment, membranes


Fresh Water

Supply & distribution, cleaning & filtering, management, desalination, water generation


Water Infrastructure

Piping, sensoring, AI & big data, management systems, irrigation


Water Safety & Usage

Water monitoring, measuring, metering, conservation & protection